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Bundle Bee Bundles Builder allows you to show the discount applied though claiming your offers directly inside the cart page

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Bundle Bee Bundles Builder allows you to show the discount applied though claiming your offers inside the cart page. This means that your customers will be able to clearly see the money they’ve saved when they view their baskets reducing the rate of abandoned carts and unclaimed offers.
You can find and enable the Cart Price Display Settings under the Settings tab inside the app. By default, this feature is disabled, meaning that discounts will only be applied at checkout.

Like all Bundle Bee elements, the Cart Price comes with a preview to help you determine your preferred settings and make sure that these are in line with your needs and customer expectations.

There are several Price Settings that you can tweak and adjust so that the cart display looks and behaves how you want. To help you get a better visual understanding of your settings, a sample product with a sample price and discount will be picked at random from your store and displayed in the preview.

Here are some examples of what settings you can apply, all showcased in the above video:

  • Include new row with discount- this will generate a new row showing the amount discounted

  • Include new row with discounted Subtotal - this is the real total price with the discount substracted

  • Include new row with discounted price for each cart item- this will display the reduced offer price next to each individual item int he basket that’s part of the offer.

  • Cut total Subtotal Price - The subtotal (real price without discount) will have a line going through it

  • Hide Subtotal Price- you need to make sure you show the discount and discounted price in this case.

There are 3 Price Positioning Settings for the total (actual final price with the applied discount) shown as well in the video below :

  • Above the Subtotal (real price without discount)

  • Below the Subtotal

  • Next to the Subtotal - this option works very well with the subtotal price crossed out.

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