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When should you use the Master Edit Bundles function
When should you use the Master Edit Bundles function

Allows you to select and bulk edit multiple bundle offers at once.

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Our Master Edit Bundles function allows you to select multiple bundle offers and bulk edit them all at once. In order to avoid clashes and performance issues, you will only be able to bulk edit the design elements of your bundles.

Please note that when using this feature and editing bundles together you must make sure they share the same type or display. Your changes must be suitable for all bundles selected or you may end up disrupting the functionality of some of them.

To start using the feature head over to the Bundles Page and click the Master Edit Bundles button. This will begin the bulk editing process.

You will be redirected to the Master Edit Bundles Page where you will be able to select the bundles you want to bulk edit. For this example, we used both of the live bundles available, Summer Offer Tiered and 4th of July offer.

The next step is to confirm your selection. You also have the option to add extra bundles in your store at this step before proceeding with the bulk edit. Once you are happy with the bundles selected you can confirm and start master editing.

The bundle customization editor will look exactly the same as it does in the individual bundle creation process. You won’t be able to edit anything related to the title or tags since those are specific to each individual bundle. You can edit anything related to the look of the bundle such as the display style. You can apply design presets or use the Manual customization to make tweaks to the look that will then automatically apply to all your selected bundles in the master edit.

As an alternative, you can choose the Create Custom Style and customize all design elements of the bundles for full control over the customization.

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