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Product Variants in Bundles and Surplus Inventory Reduction
Product Variants in Bundles and Surplus Inventory Reduction

Examples and step by step tutorials of how to use tiered offers, gifts bundles, kits and shop the look offers to reduce surplus inventory

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The first choice you have to make when creating a new bundle will be the specificity level. Bundle Bee Bundles Builder allows you to create two different types of offers:

  1. Product level - where the products will be included in the offer with all or some of their variants and your customers have full control over which variant they can pick in order to claim their discount.

  2. Variant level - each specific variant option will be its own standalone element within your bundle. Your customers will have to choose that specific variant in order to claim the discount.

Remember, any bundle you create, whether it’s a product or variant-level bundle gives you full control over which variants you can include, therefore both options are incredibly useful to help achieve surplus inventory reduction. This gives you the ability to create new offers by combining more stagnant products and varieties with more popular ones.

Here are some ideas of how you can apply this:


In the following article, Shopify describes how a pet goods retailer, created a number of “kits” that combine popular items with less popular items. One kit specifically contained a dog leash, harness, and a waste bag carrier.

The bag carriers aren’t very popular amongst dog owners as many simply carry bags in their pockets. But by tying the bag carriers to the much more popular and complementary leash, the retailer was able to move a lot more of its less sold stock.

Gifting Product Bundles

With full control over which specific variants can be included to claim a discount, this is a sure way to reduce surplus stock, especially around holidays.

Tiered Offers

This is another incredibly useful way of offering greater discounts for less sold stock.

In the example below we show how to use a variant specificity to create a tiered offer for a handbag and sandals in matching colors. The more popular variants offer only give customers free shipping, whereas the less popular variants offer will give customers a 10% reduction on their purchase. You can find a step-by-step tutorial on creating this type of offer bellow: You can find a step-by-step tutorial on creating this type of offer bellow:

Shop the look and frequently bought together

In this example, we’ve combined two best-selling items ( our cocktail dress and necklace) with a very specific slow-selling variant for our handbag. We created an FTB bundle where the discount can only be claimed for that specific color handbag. You can find a step-by-step tutorial on creating this type of offer here.

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