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Choosing a Layout based on bundle type
Choosing a Layout based on bundle type

Suitable layout examples for Shop the Look, Frequently Bought Together, tiered offers and quantity break bundles

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Here are some ideas for different types of display based on what type of bundles you’re looking to create:

Frequently Bought Together Wide Horizontal Display

FBT is a very common offer that most customers are familiar with it from bigger e-commerce stores such as Amazon. Because of the popularity of this format, this type of offer tends to convert well in any online store.

We recommend you use the Long Horizontal Look display style to better resemble the easily recognizable Frequently Bought Together offer you would see in stores like Amazon. In order to do this, you will need to choose the Wide Horizontal display structure.

Tiered Product Breaks Minimal Look

We recommend using the Minimalist tiered look when products that don’t have variants and and for which quantity break and volume discounts make sense, for example loose coffee beans, plant feed pellets or wholesale package products.

“Shop The Look” Tiered Variant Level Options

One unique option we offer is the tiered sliding feature in which you can create multiple bundles that will auto slide to increase the chance of your customers finding the perfect combo.

Start creating the bundle normally and choose the Variant Level Specificity to be able to create multiple bundles with different variant combos for the perfect mix and match. You’ll need to also select the Tiered Bundle Offer.

For the display style, choose either the Multiple Auto Slide - Horizontal or Multiple Auto Slide - Vertical option as both will automatically add the ‘sliding’ effect to your tiered offers.

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