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Tiered Bundle Offers
Tiered Bundle Offers
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The Tiered Offer Type is ideal for offering quantity breaks and volume-based discounts. It is also perfect for displaying multiple bundle offers in the same space, using the same element whether sliding or with a tile-type display. This type of offer allows you to create multiple offers to show within the same block.

The aim is for you to be able to display multiple tiers and offers of increasing reductions and benefits or just to increase your claim rate with more offer options, all while using the same space as you would for just one bundle.

This type of display is usually the one that increases your chances to grow your revenue drastically from the same number of orders.

When building a tiered offer, once you’re on the Choose Products page, you’ll see the Add Tier button in the center. The Add Product button is grayed out and won't work until a tier is added.

Tier 1 for example, is by default the title of the tier. This can be easily edited by clicking the small icon next to it.

Once you add products they will automatically show in the preview. Depending on the settings you choose in the previous step, you’ll be able to see either individual variants or products with all or some of their variants.
If you’ve previously selected Variant level, each variant chosen will show as a standalone, individual product inside the bundle:

If you previously selected Product level, you’ll be able to see each individual product added and have a drop-down available for those products where you also selected some or all of their variants. This is what your customers will use to choose which variant they want to select to claim the offer.

The discount section will automatically add as many lines as there are tiles in the offer. If you want to show two different tiles/slides, each corresponding to one bundle, you will see two lines for the offer type.

Once the offer is constructed you’ll be able to choose a display style that best suits your needs and available space depending on your desired position.

Display Styles

The Elegant Tier Switch offers you the option to write custom titles for each tier. Your customers will be able to click through each tier/title to see the offer included. This will increase the chances of getting an offer claim since you’re able to display multiple options and your customers are able to choose the one that better suits their needs.

The Elegant Tier Switch comes in 2 different product alignment styles, Horizontal and Vertical.

The Horizontal Elegant Tier Switch displays the products in the bundle offer in a single line, with the title for each tile acting as the button that when clicked, displays that specific offer. It is recommended to inject this style in an area of your store that has enough width to accommodate any selection of products.

The width of one product is set to 200px with a 1.2 REM by default and it can be edited and adjusted from General Settings in the Advanced Settings area. Please note: we would like to kindly ask that you don’t edit this if you’re not experienced with working with CSS. We recommend instead that you contact support if you need to make any changes.

The Vertical Elegant Tier Switch works similarly to the horizontal one, but displays products in a single column, rather than a single row. It is better suited for sections with narrower widths to display bundle offers, such as the column with product details.

The Multiple Auto Slide will display multiple offers where each one has a different tier title, however, the discount offers slide automatically. The benefit is that your customers will see all offers available without actively clicking through them.

This style comes in 2 types of alignment, Vertical and Horizontal to better fit your needs depending on where on the page you want to display them.

The Vertical Multiple Auto Slide is perfect for sections where the width is smaller, such as the product details column. In general, it works well when placed in any section with more than one column. A recommended practice is to use no more than three products with this type of display.

The Horizontal Multiple Auto Slide will work great anywhere on the page. The display style shows the products in one row. When adding more products to this display look it's recommended to use wider spaces instead of areas with more columns of content such as product details. For example, it would be ideal to position this bundle underneath the product image and product details section.

The minimalist tier offer is better suited for displaying volume-based offers for the same product. You can use only one product or variant of a product and offer different discounted prices depending on the quantity ordered. This simple bundle is intended to work well right under the buy button.

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