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The Custom Bundle Offer Type is suited for any type of product or variant combination in which you simply want to display a single bundling offer without multiple tiers. This makes the Custom Bundle most suitable for kits, gift bundles, Mix and Match, 'Shop the Look' as well as Frequently Bought together offers

When choosing this Offer Type you won’t have any restrictions on display style (horizontal or vertical display) or on the placement and positioning of the offer in your store.

Depending on the option you choose, whether it's Product Level Specificity or Variant Level Specificity, you will be able to adjust the number of units for each item included in the offer and fully customize the appearance, text and wording of your bundle.

Choosing variant level will show variants as individual elements.

Choosing product level will show products with their variants as individual elements and you can choose which of their available variants can be used to redeem the bundle. Your customers will be able to make this selection using the variant drop down underneath the product price:

The width of one product is set to 200px with a 1.2 REM by default and it can be edited and adjusted from General Settings in the Advanced Settings area. Please note: we would like to kindly ask that you don’t edit this if you’re not experienced with working with CSS. Instead, we recommend you contact support if you need to make any changes.

You’ll be able to use any of the following 3 display styles depending on where you want to display your offer to make sure it fits well on the page.

Display Styles

The Wide Vertical Display shows the products included in the bundle offer as well as the claim button in a vertical line. This is best suited to create bundles offer types like Frequently Bought Together.

This style is most suitable to be displayed in wide sections such as under the product images and product details section on the product listing page. This will best resemble a Frequently Bought Together type of offer as you may be familiar with from Amazon.

A good idea for an FBT bundle would be to create appealing offers with specific color variants - for example, you can create a look with only the blue variants of a dress, handbag, and pair of shoes. You can do this at Product Level by including all size variants for the dress and shoes but only the very specific blue color variant of the handbag.

The Vertical Display will show the products in the same line with the bundle offer price and the claim button underneath.

This style is most suitable to be displayed in areas where the width is smaller such as the product details column at the top of the product page. This style will ensure the design of the page is not broken and will blend seamlessly.

The Horizontal Display will show each product included in the offer, the price of the bundle offer, and the claim button one under the other, horizontally.

This look will be suitable to be placed in areas with smaller width if you use up to 2 products as you can see in the example below:

If you plan on using 3 or more products we recommend using sections that are wider and ideally don’t show multiple columns of content in the same screen width view.

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