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Under General Settings in the Settings area you will find an area of general settings for the functionality and look of your bundles.

In the top area, you will find settings for the Redirect Page where you can choose where your customers are redirected after they claim a bundle offer. By claiming a bundle offer we mean clicking the buy button for a bundle.

The Disable Discount will act in bulk to disable all buy buttons for bundles but still display bundles. Unless you want to avoid any errors or missed claims from your clients, you should about using this unless you want to disable all offers in bulk. Remember, disabling can also be done by disabling bundles that won’t show that bundle anymore.

Show Payment Buttons is an option that also by default is disabled since discounts won’t work with these payment buttons so we recommend these 2 options to be disabled at all times in order to make sure your bundles are working correctly and can be claimed correctly.

The Stock Control button is designed for you to use it if you don’t want to let your customers claim bundles with products that are out of stock. In the case in which this is enabled the buy button for bundles won’t work. Note we do show an out-of-stock message for products that are not in stock from the bundle anyway.

The second part is Advanced Settings in which you can input custom CSS code to make any changes to your bundles. We recommend you don’t use the Custom CSS input area if you are not fully familiar with CSS and HTML

The Checkout Selector and Add To Cart Button Selector are 2 elements that we recommend you do not change since these are the reference that our bundle injector uses to inject and correctly apply bundle offers when the claim button is used in bundles.

The Product Display Gap is the default space between rows or products in the bundle display, and the Bundle Column Max Width is the maximum width a product column can have in a bundle display. In some sections in your website, when injecting a bundle, it could end up stretching to fit that area that would be too wide not looking good. Pay attention to the fact that these changes are global and they will apply to all bundles you create.

The Quantity Label and Bundle Price Label are what is displayed for these 2 elements on the front end, specifically in the Minimalist look. If you intend to use a different language to display the bundle offer, these 2 are the only 2 sections that can’t be edited directly when creating a new bundle and you will need to go to Settings to change them.

The last section under General Settings is the Default Values for displaying the Primary and Secondary Colors in your bundles. This can make your bundles easier to set up and always look the same as your Shopify color theme. The border radius is applied to the product image displayed in bundles and it will default to 5px.

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