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Quick Start FBT Bundles
Quick Start FBT Bundles
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Our Quick Launch feature is the perfect solution to launch Frequently Bough Together in a matter of minutes. In order to start with the Quick Start use the button on the home page like you can see below.

This will take you to the FBT launch menu where you can see the Editable Preview in the top right side menu, the Advanced Settings in the left had side menu. At the bottom of the let hand side menu you will find the Name of the Bundle (this is just for your organization and won't show anywhere else but in the Bundle List), and the Save Draft or Save & Launch Button. By default our Quick Start menu auto saves drafts every 5 seconds so you don't lose any progress you've made but you can always click Save Draft to make sure nothing is lost.

Using the placeholders for products, you can click the + sign to add as many products as you want to create the offer. You can select just variants, or products with all or just some of their variants to make a perfectly customizable combo for the FBT offer.

The Preview is fully editable if you want to adjust the text in any way. The offer is right under the add products section and you can choose between a percentage and a value-off discount type.

For a quick adjustment, you can set up the Primary and Secondary colors and place the offer on the store. The Primary color with apply to the color of the button, the headline, and the links. The Secondary Color will be mostly used for the Text except for Headline and links in the Product Titles.

In the left-hand side menu, you can find an Advanced Settings Menu in which you can customize everything on the FBT Offer display.

Right under this section, you will also find the selector for the product pages on which you want to display this bundle offer. This works similarly to adding products in the bundle and you can use the +Product placeholder to add any product pages you want to display this offer and after which you can choose the actual placement on that page. By default we will display the FBT bundle on the pages of products included in the offer but you add or remove any other product page or even collection page.

NOTE! If you have included different types of pages for display (meaning product pages and collection pages), you will need to do 2 injections, one for the product page and one for the collection page.

The most important section is using the selector to position the bundle wherever you want on the product page. The FBT offers show by default on the product pages of products included in the bundle offer. You can click on Select Position and you will open a product page in which you can hover over to identify elements on the page. Once you click on them you can see a placeholder for where the bundle offer will actually show if you select that HTML element.

You can also choose the alignment for the bundle right under the Main Section to display the bundle either aligned to the left, center, or right relative to the element you just selected and Confirmed Selection for it.

Below you can see all 3 examples of how the alignment looks on the front-end display:

  • Left Alignment

  • Centered Alignment

  • Right Alignment

Now you can Save&Launch and go check the look of the FBT bundle on the front end to confirm the positioning and design are accurate.

An important feature for stores where variant selection is very important!

In the Quizk FBT offer menu, you will find this option under Variant Selector and by default the selected option is Pre-select first variant.

This means the first variant in the offer if by default selected in the bundle but if you untick this option you have the option to customize the message your customers see on the variant drop-down menu and the error message that would appear if they don't select anything and just claim the bundle offer.

In the store, if they were to claim a bundle offer for which this option is selected, a popup message will show at the top of the tab. The text on it will be represented by the "Error Text" that you input.

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